Halim Perdanakusuma Airport

1. Halim Perdanakusuma Airport

Halim International Airport is an airport in Jakarta. The airport is also used as the headquarters of the Air Force Operations Command I (Koops AU I) before the Air Force airport is named Airfield Cililitan.

Halim Airport is the airport just before serving VVIP flights and charter flight, but starting on January 10, 2014 Halim Airport to operate while being a commercial airport to assist flight at Soekarno - Hatta who had overbooked. Beginning in 2013 Halim Airport also serve Hajj flights diverted from Soekarno - Hatta result of revitalization is being carried out of the airport.
Source: Wikipedia

2. History

During the war of independence, Halim and Officer Iswahyudi given the task to bring a new fighter aircraft purchased. The aircraft itself was in Thailand (Thailand). To learn fighter who previously was the transport plane, Halim only takes approximately 5 days. But in the history books issued the Air Force Headquarters, which country tersebutkan not make the plane.
From Thailand plane heading to Indonesia. But somehow, the plane never arrived. It is estimated that the plane fell in the Malacca Strait coast. Shortly thereafter, a fisherman found the dead body washed up on the beach area. And while it is very difficult to identify the bodies Events. However, eventually the body was thought to be the remains Halim. While Iswahyudi bodies has yet been found.
As a token of appreciation, both used as an Indonesian national hero and name immortalized as a service Halim Air Force Base in East Jakarta while Iswahyudi immortalized as Air Force Base in Madiun.